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What we offer here is a low price traffic school for drivers in California. While other sites out there might claim to have the cheapest price, we actually do. We are consistently voted the best traffic school online and it's due to the ease of use of our course. There is only a one-tiime fee and that's it. Our traffic school course is fun and entertaining. It's much better than spending an entire day sitting in a classroom listeing to lectures about traffic tickets and laws of the road. At Fast and Stress Free, we make it simple to complete your course. We are the best traffic school in the state of California. There are no hassles to purchasing - what you see is what you pay.

Video and Audio DMV Licensed Course

One of the benifits of our course besides it being licensed by the DMV in every county in California is the fact that our CA traffic school course isn't a 50 page booklet you read at a desk. We have specifically created our course to be as fun as it is educating. The last thing we want is for you to grow tired after 15 minutes of starting the course. Our course uses:

  • Video and Audio demonstrations and examples
  • Text lessons with images
  • Animations for even more visual learning
When you're learning in a way that is visual and engaging, you simply learn better and quicker. You can see exactly what you're supposed to instead of trying to visualize it in your head. Our chapters are quick and our quizzes aren't going to throw any questions at you that you haven't learned from the previous lesson. When we say that our online traffic school course in california is the best online, this is simply because we believe it.

Register for our Traffic School CA

You can register for our online traffic school using the registration buttons above. You will be taken to a page where you will select the county that you live in along with the court house. Our course is 100% approved by all counties in the state of CA so you can rest assured that we got you covered. Another benefit to online traffic school is that you don't have to take it all in one sitting. You can get up and take a break whenever you feel the need. You can't do that in a traditional traffic school setting!

Consistently Rated the Best Traffic School Online

Why is Fast and Stress Free Traffic School considered to be one of the cheapest traffic schools online? We don't nickle and dime you with up charges. As an example, many California traffic school courses require you to take your final exam to a notary public to "prove your identity" to the court. We use an online identity verification method that allows you to take the entire California traffic course online, including the final exam, (Not available in all California Counties - FASF offers this service in every California county that allows it). We do not charge extra for this service if Fast and Stress Free Traffic School is administering the final exam. We want your California online traffic school experience to be as simple and easy as possible. Most on line traffic schools will "give" you this service at no charge. Go to traffic school and reduce that point in order to keep your insurance rates cheap.

California Traffic School Class Electronic Certificate Processing

Many California counties have electronic transmission of the traffic school certificate of completion. Students in these counties do not have to take a paper certificate to the court. Instead, our California On line Traffic School sends the certificate of completion directly to the court as soon as you finish your California Online Traffic School course. This service is included in your $18.95 enrollment fee. We do not charge extra for this service. This means you really can complete your CA online traffic school in one day, from start to finish, including the notification to the court! So, if you have waited until the last minute and have to finish today, you can. We submit certificates of completions multiple times per hour through 11:55 PM. (Not available in all California Counties - FASF offers this service in every California county that allows it).

No Hidden Charges!

Don't pay more for other courses, our bottom line price for our California Online Traffic School is only $18.95. Some of our competitors charge extra fess for things like online identity verification or certificate transmission or printing. This is why we can claim to one of the cheapest traffic schools online. Don't be tricked into paying more than you have to when you can take a lowest price traffic school available. It may appear you are getting a better deal, but read the fine print carefully before you purchase one of those "cheap traffic school" deals.

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