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That’s simple. First, you need to know that your ticket and citation will be handled with an ethical and competent company. Fast and Stress Free Traffic School is California DMV and Court Licensed. There does not need to be a question in your mind if our company is authorized to handle your traffic school needs and get your point settled.

Secondly, you need to ask yourself if the company you are trusting with your DMV driving record will actually follow through to the end. Fast and Stress Free Traffic School is one of the FEW schools that has actual staff members that follow up on each and every one of our student’s court cases to make sure it gets to a successful completion. Read what this means under our Customer Service information. Don’t just make a decision based on price (even though we’re the most affordable). Your driving record could suffer as a result of not having your record cleared. We know your traffic citation is not something you want to deal with – so we make it easy for our students.

How’s Our Customer Service?

We answer our student’s calls! We have 24/7 live U.S. service representatives answering and following up on questions and concerns a student may have. We make sure you have a great experience with Fast and Stress Free Traffic School.

Beyond the phone calls, we make sure that your Certificate of Completion is processed by a live person. We go far beyond other companies by having staff members who actually follow your electronically sent certificate through the system to completion. It’s not enough to just complete the final exam – your Certificate of Completion still needs to be viewed by courts and that violation needs to be dismissed and closed. Most companies don’t take the time or spend the money on human staff members to follow up on your citation the way Fast and Stress Free Traffic School does.

How Much Will I Pay?

No surprises here. The price of $18.95 is just what you will pay for your course and Certificate of Completion. No extra charges for certificate verification! You will receive an email showing your certificate was processes for FREE. We do not try and upsell you on needless services in order to boost our profits. Many companies start with one fee then make it appear you need to purchase extra processing services that automatically are included in our low price. We find that way of doing business….unethical. Our one low price includes live human customer service for you!

It’s Fun!

We know you might not know it now, but taking your traffic school online with Fast and Stress Free Traffic School is actually quite painless. You get to sit back and watch videos and read entertaining text filled with graphics. This beats sitting in a small room with strangers and losing your Saturday or evenings!

It’s Easy!

The course material is simple and easy – anyone can complete this course. Everything is self-explanatory and simple to navigate through, but remember we are available and happy to answer any questions you might have. We provide you with a free Student Study Guide for your Final Exam.

It’s Online!

Log in 24/7. You choose when to complete the course work. You can log in and out according to your schedule and you will resume right where you left off. No stress, no hassles. You can use any computer with internet access.

Fast and Stress-Free Traffic School’s course is licensed by the DMV for the State of California – You can register with CONFIDENCE that it meets the legal requirements for traffic ticket dismissal for all California counties and courthouses. YOU CAN BEGIN IMMEDIATELY!

Best Way To Describe it?
Simple – Simple – Simple

This online course is fully licensed by the California DMV and California Courts to offer you complete confidence you are using an authorized school.

Fast and Stress-Free Traffic School has developed the California Online Traffic School course to be easy to understand, interesting and fun using text and videos.

Enter and exit the program any time you wish, our course knows exactly where you left off when you return. YOU’R NEVER STUCK DOING TRAFFIC SCHOOL FOR HOURS IN A CLASSROOM FILLED WITH PEOPLE!

Even if you are NOT COMPUTER SAVY – NOT A PROBLEM. Each section is simple to navigate. Our course was designed to flow in a simple manner allowing the student to easily read the information with amazing comprehension. You can use any computer with internet – any where – any time of day!

The California course is designed so each student can proceed at his or her own pace/schedule (all traffic schools are legally required to cover the same information and take the same length of time. This is true regardless of the number of pages or chapters. Don’t be fooled by false claims!)

You will simply read the material and watch the great videos and interviews. Answer a few questions and before you know it, you will have completed your course!

You will be given a short final exam with multiple choice answers. You must pass the final exam with a minimum of 70% accuracy in 2 tries. We provide you with study guide to review before your final exam. Our students generally have no problem passing this simple, easy online course. Lastly you complete a required survey form and you are done. Your certificate is delivered for you.

Once you have successfully completed the course requirements and passed the final exam, your certificate of completion will be electronically sent to the court and DMV. You will receive notification of this process automatically.

This is where Fast and Stress Free Traffic School out shines them all: we have live customer service that follows your certificate of completion and case through the court system to make sure your case is properly closed. If there is ever a problem, you will be notified immediately. You will also receive confirmation of your case being completed and closed. You won’t find that kind of customer service with other schools!

Contact Fast and Stress-Free Traffic School at 1-888-470-7881, TVS# E1991 if you have any questions.

ABSOLUTELY Everything you need to receive your Certificate of Completion and then some is included in the low price of $18.95.

It’s a simple process: Click the Start Now button above and fill out the quick information. Then you’ll be able to take the coursework on your schedule.

Once you complete the final exam, leave the rest to us. That’s it! The entire course and Final Exam is taken through our website. We offer you a FREE Student Study Guide you can use to print at home and review.

Once you take a few brief moments to register your information, you’re off and running. Remember that you can register now, start the course, stop at any time and resume later.

Once you have successfully completed the final exam, we will rush your certificate off electronically to the appropriate court for your convenience. No other action is required for your certificate delivery by you. You will receive an email confirmation of the electronic submission.

“Thank you so much! My due date was the 7th so thank you for sending it yesterday the 7th, I appreciate your staff and business very much for this help.”
Tamara P. Silverado, Ca

“Thank you !! I will definitely recommend your course to anyone I know who needs it!”
Laura S. Las Vegas, NV

“I would recommend this service to anyone who needs it. I appreciated the integrity of this site to advise upfront of the single cost. No add-ons. It was great. Most others nickel and dime you until you pay about $40 to get it done. This was the cheapest and best price I found online, and with the best process. The videos were a great tool as well. THANK YOU!”
Cynuella L. Tustin, CA

“I just want to send you a HUGE THANK YOU! For being so informational regarding completion of my traffic school class and all of the e-mails updating me of my completion of certificate, it was greatly appreciated.”

“Thank you so much. Ur services are very helpful and convenient. I will definitely let my friends know about this company .. UR CUSTOMER SERVICE ROCKS!!!!”
Ricky C. Sunnyvale, Ca

“I would like to commend you on the ease of the format of your online class. Simple to log in and get right to the chapter I was in. Easy to blend into into my schedule to get it completed in a timely manner. Thank you. (NO OFFENSE – BUT I HOPE TO NEVER USE YOUR SERVICE AGAIN) However, I will recommend you to anyone unfortunate enough to be put in the same position as me. LOL”
Donna M. Riverside, Ca

“I was thinking that if there were some way that you could get the courts to publish or request to have published the cost of your course and the fact you don’t need to dip into peoples credit history to verify their identity on the court supplied traffic school list, I bet your school would get tons more business ………… just a thought. Like I said though, I really would highly recommend you to anyone but I’m just one guy. Happy Holidays to all of you too : )”
Jesper F. costa mesa, Ca

“Thank you for your help! You are very professional and it’s a pleasure to give you my business!”
Guadalupe O. Fresno, Ca

“Thank you for sending my certificate​ to the court! I enjoyed taking your online class!”
Chiyumi S. san francisco, Ca

“The service and user interface was absolutely amazing and I will recommend your company to everyone that I know! Thanks, LD”
Larry D. Inglewood, Ca

“Yes, very much enjoyed the class. A time consuming (which it should be) and very friendly course. I appreciate the opportunity to be updated and took to heart every sentence. I want to purchase the class for my two children (young adults) just so they can be re educated. Well done. Thank you. And, yes, I have already mentioned you to one of my customers who mentioned they needed to chose an on line course at this time.”
Felicia C. Irvine, Ca

“I would recommend this service to anyone who needs it. I appreciated the integrity of this site to advise upfront of the single cost. No add-ons. It was great. Most others nickel and dime you until you pay about $40 to get it done. This was the cheapest and best price I found online, and with the best process. The videos were a great tool as well. THANK YOU!”
Cynuella L. Tustin, Ca

“I recently completed your on-line traffic school course for my violation here in San Francisco. I was TOTALLY IMPRESSED with the quality and professionalism of your website, materials, and follow-up communications, GREAT JOB ! I will definitely recommend your company to my other friends in need of these services.”
Vincent B. san francisco, Ca

“Thank you for your help! You are very professional and it’s a pleasure to give you my business!”
Guadalupe O. Fresno, Ca

“You guys r efficient Thanks”
Bruce G. Modesto, Ca

“I finished it- the test was great! thanks for your help – my son talked me into the on line thing but I am no techie LOL and too old to learn. thanks for calling me earlier with help as i was confused and you provided excellent service.”
Pamela L. Laguna Hills, Ca

“Thank you for catching my mistake, and thank you even more for your integrity. I am enjoying (and learning) a lot from your program, and will highly recommend it to others.”
Patrick M. Anaheim, Ca

“I just want to send you a HUGE THANK YOU! For being so informational regarding completion of my traffic school class and all of the e-mails updating me of my completion of certificate, it was greatly appreciated.”

“I wanted to say thank you and post a user testimonial for you but I don’t see an area on your site. Your service was everything you indicated it was; No hidden fee’s $18.95 (for California) covered everything I needed, No up-charges, log-out and resume as needed (not a single session system)& fast processing. The material was easy to absorb and I Ace’d the final. Thank you very much. I WILL recommend you to anyone who asks.”
Paul S. Rancho Santa Margari, Ca

“I just completed your course an very much enjoyed it, especially the encrypted factoids. I wish there wer more of them and that they figured more in the quizzes. Thank you for a pleasant experience.”
Peggy R. San Diego, Ca

“Dear F&SF Staff, Since this was my first moving violation I was new to this traffic school course. Thanks for making it an easy, painless, and informative way to clear the point. Out of all the companies to choose from I’m glad I found you. I did have some problems with the Online ID/identity verification. I contacted your customer service department which was very helpful and within less than 10 minutes Agent Claudia called back and was very kind in walking through the problem and getting to the final test, which I scored 100% the first try. Thanks to all your staff in making my wrong a right.”
David B. NEWARK, Ca

“Great Experience. Will Definitely recommend your California online traffic school!”
Saul T. Hilmar, Ca

“Thank you Mr. Fast + Stress free… I am proud of my 98% score; I am prepared to anticipate the unexpected actions of my fellow drivers; I am positioned to survive the challenges on the road; and I am puzzled how anyone could ever choose another on-line traffic school but fast + stress free!”
Paul W. Los Angeles, Ca

“I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was dealing with Traffic school on your site. The material was easy to process and as your name so plainly states, it was Fast and stress-free, thank you.”
Lee J. Canyon country, Ca

“I actually enjoyed this course very much! This was my first time ever to receive a ticket (even though I didn’t think it was deserving) and I decided not to fight it by appearing in court. So I randomly chose your course (good title). I have never completed an online traffic school course of anything either and found it really a fun way to study. And YES I did learn a few things. Thanks for making it enjoyable. Thanks again for making this as easy as possible for the student.”
Cheryl M. Santa Maria, Ca

Kelly M. West Hills, Ca

“I have just completed your course and I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that out of the entire (long) list of choices the court provided for us to choose from, I ended up choosing your’s. I chose it because I called a number of them provided and asked questions and compared them. I was so impressed with the customer service and convenience that I chose your school and couldn’t be happier. The people I spoke with over the phone were fabulous to speak with and so informative and most helpful. The course itself was extremely informative and easy to comprehend and retain. The convenience was unbeatable, and the tests were not unreasonable. I already have a friend in need of taking a course and will highly recommend your school to anyone in need of taking one. I will gladly recommend you school to anyone in need of one. I just want to say thank you for making this such a pleasant and stress free experience.”
Monique S. Ojai, Ca