Privacy Statement

During registration for the course any and all information is kept confidential and is used for communication with the student for the services they have expressed interest in.

Registration Information

Additional information required for the student to provide that is unique to that student is used only for Fast and Stress Free Traffic School to authenticate the customers taking our course and prevent fraudulent use. A potential student must fill out a registration form with various information requested by Fast and Stress-Free Traffic School which is necessary to complete the course curriculum and process the Certificate of Completion. At various intervals throughout the course, a student is required to provide additional unique identity information which is used for the purpose of authenticating a student to prevent fraudulent use.

Third Parties

Only those employees with relevant business duties (ex., support staff) may access personal information and only in a limited fashion, and only to perform their duties. They are subject to dismissal for any privacy violation. We never provide any information about our students to any third party, except for authorized departments of the courts as required to do so by law and to communicate a student’s fulfillment of requirements by the court. Wherein we have a good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with an appropriate law enforcement investigation, current judicial proceeding, a court order or legal process served on our website, or as required by law.

Fast and Stress-Free Traffic School is the sole owner of our data base and we never sell any information on our students for any marketing purposes. Data Files IP addresses and/or cookies are used in administering our course for the purpose of tracking a student’s course progress and re-entry into the course. It is not linked to any personally identifiable information.

At times we are required by states to provide aggregate statistics from our data base for the purpose of a student’s completion of the course and do not include any personally identifiable information.


A student’s information is SSL encrypted to protect the individual’s information. Our student’s information is protected to the best of our ability both off-line as well as on-line. Employees of Fast and Stress-Free Traffic School have limited availability to any student’s information in order to only perform the specific job he/she is instructed to complete. All server storage of our data base information are kept in a secure environment as well.