Defensive Driving Course for all cities and counties in Texas, including San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas.

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Defensive Driving Course for all cities and counties in Texas.

First – it’s important for you to know that our Texas Defensive Driving Online Course from us (Fast and Stress Free Traffic School) is approved by the TEA (Texas Education Agency) as well as Texas Courts. If you are in compliance with the Court’s requirements for your case, you can rest assured that upon completion of the course and final exam the certificates will be accepted by the Court. We serve all cities in Texas including Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas.

Besides the fact that we have serviced thousands of satisfied Texas students, we are an American company with integrity. Our mission is to make sure every student of ours receives the best service possible. We know your traffic citation is not something you want to deal with – so we make it easy for our students.

Customer Service

We actually answer our student’s calls with live Americans! We have 24/7 live U.S. staff answering anything they can for our students. We return your emails within 24 hours, but most of the time within minutes. We make sure you have a great experience with Fast and Stress Free Traffic School.

Beyond the phone calls, we make sure that your Certificate of Completion is processed and shipped out the same or next business day depending on when you complete your Final Exam. We know time is of the essence and we take it very seriously. We have live humans following up with each of our student’s deadlines and making sure we keep you abreast of your completion date in case you forgot!

One Low Price

We offer our course at the lowest price on our Texas Defensive Driving School that the State of Texas allows! $25.00 is all you will pay for your course and Certificate of Completion. No surprises, no bait and switch. We do not try and upsell you on needless services in order to boost our profits. The $25.00 includes the Certificate printing and standard USPS mail.

It’s Fun!

Taking your online course allows you the flexibility to complete your defensive driving course on your own schedule. You can watch the videos and read the text at home or when you are out and about via your mobile device. You get to sit back and watch videos and read entertaining text filled with graphics. This beats sitting in a small room with strangers.

It’s Easy!

This course is so easy. The course material is simple and easy to read and understand – anyone can complete this course. Everything is self-explanatory and simple to navigate through, but remember, we are available and happy to answer any questions you have for us. We provide you with a free Student Study Guide for your Final Exam which you can use while taking the Final Exam.

It’s Online!

Log in 24/7, we meet your schedule. When you log back in you are taken to your Student Lounge and you simply resume the course. You can log on and off according to your own schedule and you will resume right where you left off. No stress, no hassles. You can use any computer with internet access.

Fast and Stress Free Traffic School;s course is approved by the State of Texas – You can register with CONFIDENCE that it meets the legal requirements for traffic ticket dismissal for all Texas counties and courthouses. You can begin immediately!

Best Way To Describe it?
Simple – Simple – Simple

Fast and Stress-Free Traffic School has developed the Texas Defensive Driving course to be easy to understand, interesting and fun using text and videos.

Enter and exit the program any time you wish – our course knows exactly where you left off when you return. You’re never stuck doing traffic school for hours in a classroom filled with people!

Even if you are not computer savy – not a problem. Each section is simple to navigate. Our course was designed to flow in a simple manner allowing the student to easily read the information with amazing comprehension. You can use any computer with internet – any where – any time of day!

The Texas course is designed to take 6 hours to complete. There are 10 short chapters. All traffic schools have to cover the same information and the same length of time regardless of the numbers of chapters. The more chapters the shorter they can be. The subjects include:

  • An Introduction To The Course
  • The Traffic Safety Problem
  • What Factors Influence Driving Performances
  • Traffic Laws and Procedures
  • Special Skills for Special Circumstances
  • How Physics Effects Driving
  • Perceptual Skills
  • Defensive Driving
  • Driving Emergencies
  • Occupant restraints
  • Alcohol and Driving Safety

You will be given a short final exam with multiple choice answers. You must pass the final exam with a minimum of 70% accuracy. We provide you with a review at the end of each chapter. You can simply print out those reviews to study for the final exam and you should have no problem passing.

Your final exam is graded immediately online. If you do not pass, you can retake the final exam up to 3 times.

Once you have successfully passed the final exam, your Certificate of Completion will be mailed to you. You can then submit the certificate of completion to the appropriate court.

It’s fun, fast and a stress-free way to complete your requirements and dismiss your ticket all at the same time.

This course is approved by the Texas Education Agency and meets the legal requirements for traffic ticket dismissal. For more information contact: Texas Education Agency, Driver Training, Education Service Center, Region 13 5701 Springdale Road, Austin, TX 78723 Phone 512-505-0500

Or feel free to call the Fast and Stress-Free Traffic School at 1-888-470-7881 if you have any questions.

There is no need to guess what you might be missing. Everything you need to receive your Certificate of Completion is included in the low price of $25.00. The entire course and Final Exam is taken online. We offer you a FREE Student Study Guide you can print from this page if you wish. Your Certificate of Completion must be printed and sent to you via the State of Texas and we do that immediately.

If you only have a short amount of time, register now and come back later.

You can start and stop the coursework at any time and resume later.

Once you have successfully completed the final exam, we will rush your certificate off via USPS mail. If you’re in a hurry, we offer you express and overnight service once you register. You can upgrade to those options if you feel the need to receive your Certificate of Completion overnight or 2 day delivery. If that is not an option you need, shipping is FREE.

“I thank you Fast and Stress Free Traffic School for allowing me to get my DD certificate quick and expeditiously. I am grateful someone actually answers the help line, nowadays online courses don’t bother to give much attention as quick and efficiently as your company did! I will recommend this to anyone specially someone who procrastinates as myself. I flew thru the course it was not boring, attention to detail was given to the important stuff on the test and the printout reviews were nice to study with. Thank You! Fast and Stress Free is Right!”
Robert W. Houston, Tx

“Thank you and yes I did enjoy the course and was pleasantly surprised at how fast and convenient it was. The tutorials were excellent, and I really feel like my driving will improve greatly as a direct result of taking this course. Thank you.”
Michael M. kingsland, Tx

“Thanks!!!!!!!! You guys are the best!”
Dia B. Denver, Co

“I got my cert. this morning and took it all to the courthouse this afternoon – It was due tomorrow but i went ahead a took down there so I could complain about their speed trap. I got a speeding ticket doing a whopping 35 mph in a 25 mph country/residential road. To me that’s low giving a ticket a like that. Anyway you guys did great and thanks for getting here so soon. I really respect you’re professionalism.”
David C. Greenville, Tx

“I received the certificate in the mail just today!! You guys are terrific and if I ever have the chance, I will take the opportunity to recommend your company.”
Janine S. panama city, Fl

“Thanks for the great support i really do appreciate it. hope i never need it again but if i do i will return to you guys.”
Raymond H. Coarsegold, Tx